Solution for traffic accident detection and followup accident prevention

Acoustic Accident Detection System
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Acoustic signal processing-based automatic tunnel traffic accident detection system

Main functions

  1. Accident cornered
  2. Sound detector collects sound
  3. Transfers sound data to analyzing server
  4. After analyzing
    makes a decision
  5. Broadcasts accident alarm to prevent secondary accident

Special feature

AADS logo

  • Color

    Expression of trust and professionalism for safety
    in uncertain traffic
  • Pattern

    Symbolizing wave pattern of accident
  • Cutting edge

    Combination of professionalism of traffic safety
    and cutting edge technology


Build Development
Korea Expressway Corporation - constructed Seohae Bridge2021.08
2021.08New product (NEP) Certification qualification in process
2021.08ITSKOREA - Adopted of Standard Deliberation

(The methodology to evaluate performance of acoustic accident detection system for tunnel)

2021.05 AADS designated as New Excellent Technology

2021.01The Korea Technology and Information Promotion Agency(TIPA)– Confirm with "the Business of Conditional purchasing a Brand-new product"
2021.01Korea Expressway Corporation – Do-gong Technical Market(The First of ITS Field)
2021.01Approval of Saltspray Corrosion Test
Built AADS at Yunsan Tunnel in Busan2020.11
Built AADS at Jeongneung Tunnel in Seoul2020.06
2020.10ITS Korea – Passed operation test by ITS Korea
2020.06ITS Korea – Passed performance test by ITS Korea
2020.06ITS Korea – Proceed standardization with ITS Korea
2020.06Upgrade AADS
2020.05 Degisnated as innovative test product by Public Procurement Service
2019.11IP65 approved
2019.10Improve AADS algorithm based on CNN
2019.10success AADS R&D development
2019.07KC approved
2019.05Improve AADS algorithm based on DNN
NIA– Seoul Facilities Corporation consortium installed AADS in Hongjimun Tunnel2019.04
Make agreement “Offer on purchase” and “Technology market” with Korea Expressway Corporation – Built AADS in Guangam tunnel2019.04
2018.11Participate in K-safety expo
2018.08Participate technology presentation in Korea Expressway Corporation
2018.08Develop AADS algorithm prototype based on GMM
2018.07AADS - Second field test @ Guangam tunnel
2018.05Finish development of AADS mic ver 1.1
AADS - first field test @ Daejeon tunnel2017.09
Finish development of AADS mic ver 1.02017.06
Start development of AADS2016.05
AADS patent acquired2013.09